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Teijin Nakashima Medical has researched and developed new medical devices and systems to provide “optimal medical products”.

In fact, the foreign products are often found on the Japanese market, but these products are sometimes found unsuitable for bone configuration and lifestyle of the Japanese people.

In order to settle these problems, we aim to provide implants suited to Japanese and other Asian people, and “personalized implants” that can be customized to each individual patient.

Features of the joint prosthesis and medical technologies that Teijin Nakashima Medical aims for

  • Conformity of the configuration of joint prosthesis to individual cases
  • Articulating materials of superior wear resistance
  • New materials and surface modification technique that are highly compatibility with bones and ligaments
  • Surgical procedures and instruments that allow speedy and accurate operation
  • A production system that can achieve the above 1 to 4 promptly
R&D Laboratories


We have contracted collaborative research with many universities and institutes throughout Japan.

To spread our joint prosthesis and technologies around the world via excellent research results, we want to generate a synergistic effect in collaboration with universities and regions.

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