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"Super Special Consortia" for supporting the development of cutting-edge medical care

Purpose & Intent

The “Super Special Consortia” was the biggest project concerning the development of medical devices and medicines in Japan. It was promoted by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan in collaboration with other related ministries, as support the development of cutting-edge medical care. The purpose of this project was to promote research and development towards the clinical use, industrialization and delivery of advanced medical care.

To realize this purpose, selected projects were allowed to flexibly use research funds and to discuss priorities before and collaterally with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Teijin Nakashima Medical was the only private company of the “Super Special Consortia” to adopt 24 research themes across the country.

We aimed to realize “personalized implants” by making use of this system in cooperation with the members of our private research seminars.

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