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Private Research Seminars

Teijin Nakashima Medical has organized two kinds of private research seminars.
Various researchers in the fields of engineering, medicine, biology, or chemistry and doctors not only from Japan but also foreign countries have attended the seminars.
We aim to provide innovative and beneficial medical devices rapidly and effectively by matching the needs and seeds delivered with the collaboration of research institutes, private companies, and medical institutions.
These seminars have been held regularly (once every three months) and we had held over 102 for each seminar (in total 204) as of June, 2014.

Seminar on Advanced Functions of Artificial Joints (since 1995)

This seminar aims to develop advanced implants by focusing on biomaterial research, manufacturing and processing technology, design (structure and concept), and clinical evaluations.
As achievements of this seminar, we successfully developed the “BLEND-E® ” (UHMWPE blended with vitamin E) and “GRAPE® Technology” (which improves the biocompatibility of implants with bones). Recently, we have worked on themes related to regenerative medicine.

Seminar on Intelligent Medical System Research (since 1997)

The seminar aims to construct medical systems that allow speedy and accurate operations on the themes of “surgical assistance” and “remote medical care.”
We are developing navigation systems that accurately measure and indicate the position and angle information of bones.

Major members

Medical Research Institute (University)
Medical Research Institutes (Universities) / Asahikawa Medical University / Chiba University / Kibi International University / Nihon University / Okayama University / Osaka University / Toho University / other institutions (Alphabetical order)
Engineering / Chemical /
Biological Research Institute (Universities)
Chiba University / Doshisha University / Hokkaido University / Kyoto University / Kyushu University / Nagoya University / Okayama University / Okayama University of Science / Osaka University / Sophia University / Tokuyama College of Technology / The University of Tokyo / Yamaguchi University / other institutions (Alphabetical order)
National Labs / Private Labs
AIST / Industrial Technology Center of Okayama Prefecture / NIAS / NIHS / RIKEN / other institutions (Alphabetical order)
Government Institutions
Associated with Okayama Prefecture / Associated with METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) / Associated with MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) / Other institutions
Private Companies
Canon Machinery Inc. / Coretec Inc. / Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. / Japan Stent Technology Co., Ltd. / Mizuho Ikakogyo Co., Ltd. / Shimadzu Corporation / other institutions (Alphabetical order)
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