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Message from the President

For the long and healthy life

For the long and healthy life More than 30 years ago, we have entered into the orthopedic medical device market, with applying the metal processing technology of Nakashima Propeller, a top share manufacturer of the marine-propeller field in the world. We have been developing and providing the unique products with the support of many doctors throughout our business.

In April 2015, Teijin Nakashima Medical Co., Ltd. has launched by accepting an investment from Teijin Limited. Furthermore, we have acquired the orthopedic business of spinal-related field of Century Medical, Inc. in January 2018, which brought us to a new stage to be a comprehensive manufacturer of orthopedic medical devices.

Japan is aging ever faster, and we are facing the challenge to prolong healthy life expectancy so that elderly people can spend independent life, and we have this in common with other countries which have an aging population.
As a comprehensive orthopedic device manufacturer, we will keep making best effort and contribution to improve patient’s Quality of Life.

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