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  • Acquires a licence of medical device manufacturing for foray into medical fields. 【oka#0040】
  • Acquires a manufacturing approval of "DOH Total Elbow System". 【62B#1070/16200BZZ01070000】
R&D center.
  • Completes the 1st construction of dedicated medical factory .
    (Converts the material storage into production factory.)
  • "Medical Office" is organised as a business unit of Nakashima Propeller.
  • Introduces machining centers and a clean room for EOG sterilization.
  • Acquires manufacturing approvals of "HTKⅡTotal Knee System" and "FNK Total Knee System".
  • Establishes a branch office in Tokyo.
  • Participates in the "JOA (Japanese Orthopedic Association)" for the first time.
HTK II Total Knee System FNK Total Knee System
  • Reorganizes 'Medical Office' as 'Medical Business Department'.
  • The 1st "Seminar on Advanced Functions of Artificial Joints" is held.
  • Completes the 2nd remodeling of old material storage.
  • The 1st "Seminar on Intelligent Medical System Research" is held.
  • Completes the 1st new-built construction. (factory, laboratory, and office)
  • Starts to accept internship students.
  • Establishes branch offices in Sapporo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.
  • Introduces knee simulators.
FNK Total Knee System
  • Starts a clinical trial of UHMWPE with added Vitamin E for TKA. (ends in Mar., 2006)
  • Completes the 2nd extension. [laboratory]
  • Establishes R&D center. (in "Okayama Research Park")
  • Acquires "ISO13485" certification in Nov., 2004.
R&D center
  • The revised "Pharmaceutical Affirs Law" is published on Apr. 1st, 2005.
  • Acquires a license of ClassⅠ medical device manufacturing and sales.
  • Acquires CE marking certifications for finger prostheses & ankle end plates.
  • Acquires CE marking certifications for knee prostheses & bone end plates.
    • In 2006 for knee prostheses & bone end plates
    • In 2007 for finger prostheses & ankle prosthesis
  • Acquires an approval of ClassⅢ products for the first time after the revision of Pharmaceutical law.
  • Introduces an "Electron Beam Metal Molding System". (first case in Japan)
Electron Beam Metal Molding
  • Completes the 3rd extension. [factory&office]
  • Adopted as "Super Special Consortia" for supporting the development of cutting edge medical care. (Nov. 2008)
  • Spins off as "Nakashima Medical Co., Ltd." on September 3rd.
  • Acquires a SFDA approval in China. (Feb. 2009)
  • Exhibits the panels of "Super Special Consortia" in the 39th of JOA. (Feb. 2009)
  • GCP running product : UHMWPE with added vitamin E for TKA is approved as "Blend-E"
  • Starts to export to Hong Kong.
  • "ClassⅢ medical device" is registered to MDCO, Department of Health of Hong Kong special government. (Sep. 2009)
  • "Subsidy for Industrial Technical Research and Development Facilities and Equipments" is provided from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to build out R&D center.
  • Contracts distributorship agreement of "Multi Drive System" with De Soutter Medical Ltd.
R&D center
  • Starts business collaboration with "Japan Medical Dynamic Marketing, INC."
  • Starts to Export to Macau.
  • Acquires SFDA approvals in China.
  • Starts to export to Singapore.
  • Establishes "Nakashima Medical Technical Center (Thailand) Limited."
  • Changes the Company name to "Teijin Nakashima Medical Co., Ltd."
  • acquires and takes over the spine business of Century Medical, Inc.
  • acquires and takes over the spine and trauma (fracture) business of KiSCO Co., Ltd.
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